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Cloaking technology refracts light around metallization fingers PDF Imprimer Envoyer
Technologies et procédés
Dimanche, 04 Octobre 2015 21:02

German researchers have applied the approach used by invisibility cloak research to direct sunlight around busbars and metallization fingers to potentially increase PV cell and module efficiency. The research was

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IBM developing super solar power system PDF Imprimer Envoyer
Technologies et procédés
Dimanche, 07 Juillet 2013 12:53

Researchers at IBM’s Swiss laboratories are in the process of designing a high concentration solar photovoltaic thermal system (HCPVT) that concentrates solar radiation by a factor of 2,000 and converts 75% into usable energy.

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Soitec atteint un rendement de 43,6% avec une cellule solaire à quatre jonctions PDF Imprimer Envoyer
Mardi, 28 Mai 2013 10:51

Soitec, fabricant de matériaux semi-conducteurs pour l’électronique et l’énergie, annonce la première cellule solaire à quatre jonctions destinée aux systèmes photovoltaïques à concentration (CPV) avec une efficacité de 43.6 pourcent.

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Novel Solar Photovoltaic Cells Achieve Record Efficiency Using Nanoscale Structure PDF Imprimer Envoyer
Technologies et procédés
Dimanche, 20 Janvier 2013 13:33

Here's how to make a powerful solar cell from indium and phosphorus: First, arrange microscopic flecks of gold on a semiconductor background. Using the gold as seeds, grow precisely arranged wires roughly 1.5 micrometers tall out of chemically tweaked compounds of indium and phosphorus.

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Sharp Triple Junction Solar Cell at 37.7% Conversion Efficiency PDF Imprimer Envoyer
Jeudi, 03 Janvier 2013 00:00

Sharp Corporation has achieved the world's highest solar cell conversion efficiency of 37.7% using a triple-junction compound solar cell in which three photo-absorption layers are stacked together.

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