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New class of nanoparticle brings cheaper, lighter solar cells outdoors
PV cristallins - Matériaux
Vendredi, 13 Juin 2014 10:57

A new class of solar-sensitive nanoparticle that outshines the current state of the art has been developed and tested by researchers. This new form of solid, stable light-sensitive nanoparticles, called colloidal quantum dots, could lead to cheaper and more flexible solar cells, as well as better gas sensors, infrared lasers, infrared light emitting diodes and more.

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Will tin-based perovskites take solar below fossil fuel prices?
PV couche mince - Matériaux
Vendredi, 13 Juin 2014 10:44

Perovskites are shaking up the solar research world. These lead or tin-based organometal trihalides hold the promise for huge commercial gains over current solar technology. But how to move such promising materials to market?

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Enhancing safety of domestic solar power storage
Technologies PV - Production d'énergie
Vendredi, 06 Juin 2014 10:45

Lithium-ion battery-based energy storage systems have already demonstrated efficiency and reliability in commercial electric vehicles. These high standards now also have to be transferred to battery-based storage systems for private photovoltaics facilities.

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Novel laser system mimics sunlight to test solar cell efficiency
PV cristallins - Brevets
Vendredi, 06 Juin 2014 10:31

Rsearchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a laser-based instrument that generates artificial sunlight to help test solar cell properties and find ways to boost their efficiency.

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