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Solar Panels Receive Big Boost From Micro-Machined Fresnel Lenses, Research Shows
Mercredi, 26 Février 2014 17:38

pvv.jpg Substantial boosts to the efficiencies of solar panels can be achieved by utilizing micro-machined, nearly flat, Fresnel lenses, according to new research from Tianjin University in China.The improvements are the result of a new technology that allows for the crafting of an array of  microscopic cones on the Fresnel lens — these cones, used instead of concentric ridges, allow for a more precise control of the depth to which the light is focused by the lens.


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PV Solar’s Path To 2 Cents Per KWh
Mercredi, 26 Février 2014 16:36

Today’s Graph of the Day is a follow-up to our article on Thursday on Trina Solar, and its forecasts for the coming  years for the solar PV industry.

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Solar PV Suppliers Expected To Enter New Upturn In 2015
Mercredi, 26 Février 2014 16:15


Solar photovoltaic (PV) equipment suppliers should start seeing a new upturn phase beginning in 2015 according to new research published by NPD Solarbuzz in their PV Equipment Quarterly, possibly reaching $10 billion in revenues in 2017.

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Cost Of Solar PV Continues To Plummet
Mercredi, 26 Février 2014 15:29

costofsolar.jpgOne of the most misunderstood aspects of the solar PV phenomenon over the past 5 years is the idea that it has been that it has been driven entirely by surplus capacity from China, and little else. Defenders of fossil fuel generation will tell you that the cost reductions are a mirage, and will solar module prices will likely rebound as the market comes into balance...


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