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Update: Dutch Solar PV Numbers Seem To Be Erroneous
Mardi, 04 Mars 2014 10:32

netherlands solar power

A report that the Dutch feed-in-tariff (FiT) system resulted in the installation of 665.470 MW of grid-connected PV installations by the end of 2013 appears to be erroneous. According to Peter Segaar, from the Dutch website Polder PV (http://www.polderpv.nl/).

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Stion, Khosla-Funded PV Startup, Hits 23.2% Efficiency With Tandem CIGS
Vendredi, 28 Février 2014 20:32

  Can CIGS’ commercial performance begin to match its growing technical performance?The Khosla Ventures-funded Stion is setting records in the lab for its tandem CIGS thin-film solar cell.


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Rooftop Solar Meets 20% Of South Australian Demand (With Graphs)
Mercredi, 26 Février 2014 17:53


Here’s another interesting graph showing the growing impact of rooftop solar PV in Australia. In South Australia, the state with the highest penetration of rooftop solar in the country, rooftop solar PV probably  contributed more than 20 per cent of the state’s demand between the hours of noon and 4pm on Sunday.


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PHOTON’s 2013 Solar Module Yield Measurements Show That Solar Modules Are Improving
Mercredi, 26 Février 2014 17:45

vvv.jpg For the past eight years, PHOTON Laboratory has been monitoring solar modules on a shade-free area of land near the historic city of Aachen, Germany. Researchers measure the yield expressed in kilowatt- hours related to the power of the modules and consider solar radiation at the site. The average yield has increased 4.9% within the past three years and in 2013 set a new record: 91.5%...


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